This is Sweet Blessings

UK.jpgSweet Blessings creates happy birthdays and unforgettable cakes for children living in poverty, with a life threating illness, or special needs. Sweet Blessings accepts referrals from schools, churches and service providers only. If you are an individual who would like to recommend a child for a Sweet Blessings cake, please contact a service provider which works with the child.

We believe the children will feel as special as their cake.  So, we want our cakes to remind children of the cakes they see on TV, not the ones they see in the grocery store. All our cakes are either made of multiple tiers or carved into special shapes. They are also covered in fondant to give them that extra special look.

Each cake is made with a specific child in mind. The child's favorite colors, hobbies, future aspirations, etc. are all considered when personalizing a cake. The cake isn't for just anyone, it is for a very special child.

Our First Cake

Sweet Blessings delivered its first cake in February 2011. The recipient was a very special boy named Dalton. Dalton received a traumatic brain injury in a car crash when he was six. By the time he received his Sweet Blessings cake for his eighth birthday, Dalton and his mother had been living in the Ronald McDonald House for a year so he could attend rehabilitation sessions in Lexington. Dalton had been working hard learning how to use a walker. It was amazing to see him get up from his wheelchair and take the three steps to his cake for a closer look.

According to his mother, Tammy, "When he saw that cake he lit up like a light bulb. It was a blessing."

Dalton loved his cake so much that he wouldn't eat the sculpted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle which graced the top of his cake, nor would he allow his mother to throw it away.

Happy birthday, Dalton. Cowabunga Dude!