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Sweet Blessings believes all children deserve to feel special, and all children deserve to feel loved especially on their birthday.

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Fancy, Fancy Cake

Posted by dboone on January 18, 2012

I received an email from a social worker several weeks ago asking for a huge favor. One of her students has had a very difficult time making and keeping friends, through no fault of her own. The child has had a chronic case of lice for several years. She finally made a friend this fall, but the other child kept getting lice. The friend’s parents eventually pulled her out of the school. The social worker has been working with the birthday child to get rid of the live bugs, although there are still nits. They have also been trying to create opportunities for her to make friends. The social worker thought it would be a great idea to have a SB cake she could share with the other students at school. The birthday child declined, not wanting her family to miss out on what may be the only “fancy, fancy” cake she ever receives. The social worker asked us to make a cake for the girl to share at school as well as a second one for her to take home. Of course, we said yes.

Below are the two emails I have received from the social worker since the cakes were delivered Wednesday.