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Letter from Social Worker:

I forgot how amazing your Sweet Blessings program is. I think Wednesday's may now be my favorite day of the week. Wilmore received four INCREDIBLE cakes yesterday.  Because of those cakes, we have happy kiddos, AND I delivered two of the cakes to homes yesterday, homes that I have been trying to visit and connect with for literally 2 years. The cakes allowed me to have a positive connection with the families. One cake was picked up at the school yesterday by a mom of a high needs kiddo who we have been trying to conference with since the first day of school, but she wouldn't come to school no matter how much we begged. Yesterday, she met our administrative team, and learned that we aren't as scary as she thought we were image001.png. Doors are being opened.

Sweet Blessings cakes are magic.



Sweet Blessings' founder, Ashley Boyd Gann, did not always want to be a baker.  It wasn't until she was in her 30s that she decorated her first cake.  Sensing that God brought cakes in her life for a reason, her family prayed for close to five years for His will.  Ashley researched a group that connects professional bakers with critically ill children, but that still wasn't the answer.  One morning during church the pastor was speaking about outreach efforts in downtown Lexington, KY.  It was then that she realized that sick children are not the only ones living in crisis, children in poverty are living in crisis as well.  God had put cakes in her life to use cake to reach out to his children.




Sweet Blessings isn't a bakery, it is a non-profit ministry which creates happy birthdays and  unforgettable cakes for 5-14 year olds living in poverty or with a life threatening illness.  All cakes are yellow with white frosting, covered in fondant, and either multiple tiers or three dimensional shapes.  Cakes are made with a specific child in mind and decorated in his or her favorite colors, hobbies, sports teams, etc.  Sweet Blessings accepts referrals from schools, churches and social service providers. If you are an individual who would like to recommend a child for a Sweet Blessings cake, please contact a pastor, social worker or service provider which works with the child.